Microsoft Says Hackers Are Attacking Home Windows Users With A Brand New Unpatched Bug

We should count on that an adversary with the potential to execute this campaign may have used many further means to accomplish their goal. Once once more, much like the SAML token-forging assault, this MFA bypass requires a significant compromise of the methods used to authenticate customers and would have been performed post-compromise to extend the attacker’s access to the network. The SAML token-forging attack described above would enable an attacker to evade multi-factor authentication methods, as in that case, the authentication system itself is compromised.

Automated Software Patching

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One specific element of the assault that Microsoft has discussed in detail is what they’ve observed in compromised networks with regard to id infrastructure. Specifically, the attackers have exfiltrated SAML token signing certificates that permit them to forge tokens and entry any resources trusted by those certificates. Microsoft has observed these solid tokens presented to the Microsoft cloud on behalf of their customers. Second, VMware acknowledged they’ve SolarWinds OrionⓇ techniques of their environment, but they haven’t seen any proof of exploitation. Unit forty two has not seen any indication that VMware’s software program was used as an infection vector or a TTP utilized throughout the SolarStorm attack. Researchers reported a provide-chain assault affecting organizations around the globe on Dec. thirteen, 2020.

Volexity published a report a couple of menace group named Dark Halo who they’ve now connected to SolarStorm. Their report describes that the attacker targeted the “integration secret key” used to connect Cisco’s Duo Multi-Factor Authentication resolution to an Outlook … Read More