What is the Robotics like in the future?

The rapid development of technology is an amazing human progress. How could it not be, things that previously felt impossible, now become an everyday that seems ordinary. One example is the smart phone that is in our hands everyday. Try asking those who were young in the 1990s, yes, about 30 years back. The most advanced communication that can be done is through landlines. Telephones or telephone stalls have even become a hit business at that time, considering the need to communicate via landlines is the easiest way to communicate with the people we are targeting.

Let’s go back to the past few years, when landlines weren’t common. Many people communicate by correspondence, through the post office, of course it takes quite a long time to convey a message that may not contain much.

Such is the nature of technology, it never stops and has no end. Technology will continue to move, considering that humans are basically creatures who are thirsty for knowledge and curious about new things. Apart from the means of communication, let’s look at the technological possibilities that will occur in the next 30 years.
According to scientists, in the next 30 years, robots have 25 possible new ways of thinking:

1. Thought, like the human way of thinking, consists of vast storage and memories.
2. The sluggish mind, consisting of extensive storage and memory.
3. The global super-mind is made up of millions of foolish thoughts in concert
4. The nesting mind is made up of many thoughts that are very intelligent, but do not realize that they are the den of the mind.
5. A supermind borg consists of many intelligent minds who are very aware that they form a single unit.
6. Mind trained and dedicated to enhancing your personal thoughts, but of no use to others.
7. A mind capable of imagining larger thoughts, but unable to create them.
8. A mind capable of creating larger thoughts, but not conscious enough to imagine them.
9. The mind that is able to succeed makes the mind bigger, once.
10. A mind capable of creating bigger thoughts which can create bigger thoughts.
11. Minds with operational access to their source code, so they can routinely screw up their own processes.
12. Super logical mind without emotion.
13. Mind solving problems in general, but lacks self-awareness.
14. A conscious mind, but without solving common problems.
15. Thoughts that take a long time to develop and require mind protection to mature.
16. Ultraslow thoughts are scattered over large physical distances that appear “invisible” to the fast mind.
17. A mind that can clone itself many times quickly.
18. A mind capable of cloning itself and one with its clones.
19. Immortal thoughts by migrating from one platform to another.
20. Mind that is fast and dynamic, able to change the process and character of knowledge.
21. The nano mind which is the smallest conscious thought (size and energy profile)
22. Special thoughts to create scenarios and predictions
23. The mind that never deletes and forgets anything, including misinformation.
24. Half machine mind and half animal symbiont.
25. Half machine mind, half human cyborg.

The mind uses quantum computing which cannot even be understood by the logic of how robotic replacement occurs. What do you think? Is the robot thinking cool or unreasonable? it is technology, transforming everything that originally made no sense into human everyday friends.